The Avenue Motion Picture Company Limited

There are most likely three reasons why small- to medium-sized businesses might not wish to invest in online video marketing.  The first is the perceived cost.  The second is how & where you spend your marketing budget.  We can deal with these two reasons later.  For now, here, let’s briefly focus on the third reason: your perception of yourself.  As an accountant or legal professional, or perhaps you’re in the print sector, or, say, you’re part of a complex supply chain manufacturing waste management machinery, whichever
you may not think you’re in the razzle-dazzle business.  But video marketing isn’t all about viral videos.  Yes, they’re bright, brash, they’re fast & funkywe knowand certainly here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we can supply you with these.  More important, however, is that if you have a business then you have a story that encapsulates knowledge, expertise, quality resources, an interest in your market, and most important of all, dealings with people: your customers, staff and suppliers.  You also have a desire to stand out from the crowd and the determination to create something for yourself and succeed.  That’s a pretty cool, universal human story that you have to share with the world.  And this is all a script is: figuring out how to tell your story, which is a blueprint to filming it.  Say you’re a tailor and your business is hand-made, bespoke suits.  Then I would come to you and between us we would spec-out the cloth, determine the cut: two-breasted?, three-breasted?, lapels, and maybe a few nice, personal pinches here and there.  But I don’t need to know how you go about go stitching the suit together.  Likewise, my jobour job hereis to understand story-craft and how to put yours down on paper.  We consult with you, to understand how you go about your work and get your daily tasks done.  The ‘tools of the trade’ to actually shape all of this, to find the story that you wish to communicate to your customers, suppliers and staff?  This is our expertise.
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