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“At BLM, law is more than just a business, it is a service offered to the community that the Firm serves.  Every client’s matter is given thorough attention and all aspects of the case are explored in painstaking detail by a team of specialist Solicitors and Executive Legal Assistants.”

The Benefits to you of Professional Corporate Headshots

    ~ The immediate impression is “Professional”.

    ~ Potential clients know you before they meet you.

    ~ Success doesn’t just happen, and successful people leave little to chance.  A high quality image is one of the keys to marketing.  Overall, a solid investment in yourself, your staff and your business.

    ~ Social media profiles, company reports, websites, blogs, CVs, brochures, trade show displays, networking profiles
one image goes a long way.

    ~ A morale booster for staff members, and in many ways a perk that takes literally five minutes away from one’s schedule.  I keep inconvenience in the work place down to a minimum.

    ~ As a highly-skilled colourist I combine Adobe Photoshop tools with a subtle aesthetic, presenting you with photographs that are fresh, beautiful, bright and warm.
We offer a mobile portraiture service, visiting your premises and photographing your company staff in one session.   The final resultsonce we perform minor colour correction & tasteful retouchingare fresh, beautiful, bright and warm.  Our aim is to make you look approachable & professional, complementing your intentions for your website ‘About Us’ page.  Final images are presented to you both in high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web pages, social media, emails, etc.) formats.

See below for a full list of benefits.

We also provide a Property Photography servicealso see below.