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Damien ODwyer: Web Marketer & Google Partner, Business Growth Midlands Ltd. (Monday, 11th February 2019)
Lorna Dodwell: Marketing Consultant (Medical), Lorna Dodwell Marketing Services (Tuesday, 28th January 2019)
Alan Jackson: I.T. Consultant, Better Business Bureau Ltd. (Tuesday, 12th February 2019)
Andy Sarson: Marketing Consultant, APS Marketing Consultant Services (Monday, 11th February 2019)
Neil Chambers: Director, Sky Blue Safety (Thursday, 7th January 2019)
There are Seven Powerful Reasons why you may wish to consider Personalised Videos―whether you are self-employed, looking for employment, or already work in a corporate marketing environment. 
1. according to network giants Cisco Systems, Internet video will account for 79% of global internet traffic by 2020.  This is a fourfold increase since 2015. 
2.  people buy from people, and video allows you to add a more human touch to the information your buyers are seeking regarding your products and services.  Put simply, video boosts sales. 
3.  video builds trust.  And added to this trust is the reality that engaging and educating your customers before you do speak to them face to face or over the phone, makes for a far more substantial first contact between buyer and seller. 
4.  Google―which owns YouTube―loves Video.  You get an added boost to your search rankings on Google, and if your video is an engaging one, then YouTube, which effectively is the world’s second largest search engine, will promote it. 
5. video appeals to mobile users.  The trend in 2019 is clear: anywhere between 60-70% of all internet traffic these days is viewed via a mobile device, and this share is increasing all the time. 
6.  video encourages social shares.  So once you have put together a clear message with solid video production values, those who do find your video useful will share it with others of similar needs. 
7.  with all of this said it is self-evident that video offers great Return on Investment.  Here at The Avenue Motion Picture Company we specialise in personalised videos, and can offer you a “one-stop shop” solution at a reasonable cost.